Art.1. Definition

1.1. The TransAlgarve MTB Racer is an all-terrain bike (BTT) race, played in 6 stages, which crosses the Algarve region in southern Portugal.

1.2. It is an individual competition.

1.3. It runs between 22nd and 27th May 2022

1.4. The race has a linear format, crossing the Algarve, from east to west.

1.5. The organization is in charge of the company Trilhos Vivos, responsible for the design and management of the event.

Art.2. Registrations

2.1. Anyone wishing to participate in the race must complete the form on the race website at
Registration will only be considered valid after receipt and confirmation of payment.

2.2. The registration process runs until April 15, 2022,

2.3. Applications outside the period described above will not be accepted.

2.4. Registration is limited to 100 participants.

2.5. The Organization reserves the right to refuse the registration of a participant until the end date of registration for the event, without having to justify the reason for the refusal. In case of refusal to participate, the registered individual will be informed through the e-mail address submitted when registering. If the registration has already been regularized, the amount paid will be returned in full by bank transfer within 15 working days.

2.6. Once the registration is validated, the front number to be used by the athlete will be assigned.

2.7. At the time of registration, several packages are available, the Race package being mandatory, the other packages provide optional services that may or may not be subscribed.

It is possible to subscribe to additional / optional services after the registration act, however it is only possible until the deadline for registration, and upon payment of an additional administrative fee of 20 €.

2.8. The services and goods included in each of the packs are defined in their description.

2.9. In case of abandonment or declassification of the race, there is no right to a full / partial refund of the registration fee paid.
Art.3. Participation requirements

3.1. Participation is forbidden to individuals who have not reached the age of 18 at the start of the race.

3.2. To participate in this event it is necessary to have a mountain bike without any type of engine.

3.3. The participant is responsible for the physical form and health conditions of the participant.

3.4. You should have the awareness and knowledge that it is an endurance test for which good health and fitness are necessary, as well as adequate preparation for the physical effort required implicitly.

3.5. The participation of persons suspended for the use of illegal substances is not allowed.

Art.4. Administrative controls

4.1. Administrative checks and delivery of the Welcome Pack take place, the date and time specified in the Tasting Guide provided to participants.

4.2. The front ends are assigned according to the order of registration.

4.3. During administrative checks, an identification bracelet is given to each participant, which must be worn during all days of the competition. This bracelet grants access to the infrastructures and services reserved for the participants, also serving as a form of identification and useful in terms of security.

Art.5. Briefing

5.1. There will be a daily meeting with the participants, in which everyone is welcome. A preview of the next stage will be made and any changes that may arise from what was initially planned will be notified.

5.2. Any changes will be published via telegram, and the participants are responsible for being aware of this information.

5.3. At the end of the briefing there will always be room for doubts and questions that the participants intend to ask the organization.

5.4. The time and location of the briefing will be available in the Tasting Guide, and daily on the information board.

Art.6. Trial Course

6.1. It is mandatory to use a helmet whenever the participant travels by bicycle, before, during and after the stage. Failure to comply with this rule leads to a penalty.

6.2. It is mandatory to have the mobile phone active for the duration of the tags. This must have the number provided to the registration, for contact in case of emergency. It must be guaranteed by the participant that the battery lasts for the entire length of the stage. The number should not be hidden. If any irregularity is detected the respective penalty will be applied.

6.3. It is mandatory to keep extra batteries or powerbank and cash throughout the race for any emergency situations.

6.4. The information for each stage is available in the Tasting Guide and on the website.

6.5. The route is linear and therefore the start locations will not coincide with the end locations.

6.6. The route is developed in rural and urban areas throughout the Algarve region, crossing several counties.

6.7. The race will start in Vila Real de Santo António and will end in Praia da Luz.

6.8. The total length is approximately 500km.

6.9. It is possible for gates or gates to exist on the route which should be left by the participants as they found them, under penalty of disqualification.

6.10. Participants are required to follow the route marked on the gps, inside and outside locations.

6.11. Failure to follow the route will be subject to penalties.

6.12. Deviations greater than 150 meters from the route marked on the gps, which do not return to the point where they deviated will be penalized (unless a technical error of the gps is proven).

6.13. Each stage has a time limit, which is related to its length and difficulty.

6.14. Daily and according to the time stipulated in the test guide, the classifications and the official website will be posted.

6.15. Accomplishment of the route with means other than the individual physical effort of the participant on his own bicycle, will be penalized with disqualification.

6.16. Any help outside the competition will be penalized with disqualification.

6.17. Participants who are no longer officially classified may continue to participate in the event in a recreational way, as long as they do not influence the competitive component. Failure to comply with this rule implies the expulsion of the evidence.

Art.7. Departures

7.1. The stages will start punctually at the time stipulated in the program and test guide.

7.2. Between 1 am and 15 min before departure time, zero control will be carried out.

7.3. It is mandatory that all participants are within the closed park of departure at this time.

7.4. Anyone who is late and shows up less than 15 minutes before departure time will be penalized.

7.5. After the departure time, no participant is allowed to leave, being considered disqualified from the stage in question.

7.6. Any delays due to force majeure will be analyzed and resolved by the organization at the time.

Art.8. Passage Controls

8.1 There will be Passage Controls (CP) where stopping is mandatory so that the respective front plate is marked and thus confirms its passage through the control.

8.2. Upon arrival at the CHC, the existence of the CP’s markings will be checked.

8.3. CP’s or CH’s will be able to close the route, where after the stipulated time, it will not be possible to follow the normal route of the route.

8.4. These times will be made available on time on the race website and in the guide sent to all athletes in the days leading up to the race.

8.5. Failure to respect closing times implies the immediate exclusion of the event and consequently disqualification.

Art.9. Arrivals

9.1. The finish / finish will take place at the point defined in the gps route.

9.2. This will be identified through physical structures on site.

9.3. Upon arrival, the total time since the athlete started the stage will be recorded.

9.4. In the event of a dispute between several athletes, the order of passage on the physical line marked on the ground will be counted for classifications.

9.5. Upon reaching the goal, the athlete must hand over his gps device so that the track record is downloaded for control purposes.

9.6. The gps will be delivered to the participant no later than 2 hours, and the participant is responsible for collecting it.

9.7. The arrival time control will have a closing time based on the time limit defined for each stage, from that moment on, the timing of athletes who have not yet arrived will not be recorded, thus being unclassified in the stage.

Art.10. Supplies

10.1. There will be supply zones on the ground (ZA’s) where solid and liquid food will be available. Here the participants will be able to rest, eat, hydrate themselves and, if the mechanics service is available, repair any damage.

10.2. Accompanying persons wishing to assist their participants will only be able to do so in these places. Outside these places the athlete must be autonomous.

10.3. Participants are allowed to stock up at cafes, grocery stores or other similar establishments during the event if they feel the need.

10.4. On the way, only mechanical intervention is possible with the means carried by the participant or another athlete who decides to assist him.

Art.11. External aid.

11.1. External assistance to the organization is only possible in places coinciding with the supply zones provided by the organization, documented in the proof guide.

11.2. These aids can be mechanical, logistical or food, with the sole purpose of providing extra support to the participant.

11.3. Outside these zones, no assistance is allowed to the participant, under penalty of disqualification.

11.4. It is not possible to change a bicycle in the course of a stage, and to change the bicycle, the mechanical failure of the bicycle to be changed must be proven.

Art.12. Security rules

12.1. Long-term mountain biking is a sport that requires specific physical and psychological care. For this reason, Trilhos Vivos warns participants that it is not responsible for their health and physical integrity, as well as personal and / or material damage.

12.2. The race takes place on an open course, so the participants must be aware that they may cross paths with cattle, animals or other users of the course (hikers, other cyclists, riders or even motorized vehicles with 2 or 4 wheels).

These must always be respected.

12.3. The route will also pass through tarmac roads and within small towns, so all traffic rules must be complied with. In these circumstances, it is the participants who bear responsibility for their behavior and attitude.

12.4. The organization recommends everyone to remain permanently attentive to the whole environment and to follow the instructions given by elements of the organization or security forces.

12.5. In all journeys, you should always drive on the right as well as respect the fastest / slowest participants, always acting with common sense.

12.6 – In the event of an accident, it must always be communicated immediately by the operator. In the event that it is impossible for the user to communicate the situation, it must be communicated by the first participants who detect the situation.

Art.13. Route

13.1.The route is divided into 6 stages, which run from 12 to 17 May 2019

13.2. The race uses the gps navigation system in its entirety, with no physical markings on the ground.

13.3. The route is open to traffic. Participants must follow the directions of the traffic authorities and circulate with special caution on road sections. On public roads, they should stay on the right.

13.4. The route includes demanding climbs and technically demanding descents. Although the route is designed to be 99% cyclable, it is the participant’s responsibility to assess the degree of difficulty and decide whether to ride the bike or not.

13.5. Failure of a passage control, supposes disqualification.

13.6. Abandoning the path defined by the organization meant disqualification.

Art. 14. GPS tracking

14.1. This being a race guided by gps, this becomes a mandatory device throughout the race.

14.2. The GPS tracks of the stages will be sent by the organization in GPX format.

14.3. As such it is necessary that the equipment has the charged tracks and batteries or spare batteries.

14.4. . The gps should not have any important data saved, being advised that there are no other tracks loaded.

14.5. The participant will be responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the equipment during the entire race, under the risk of being penalized if the device does not work properly.

Art.15. Withdrawal

15.1. Withdrawal during the race, for whatever reason, requires immediate communication to the race / organization director, via a staff member on the ground or by telephone to the race support number.

15.2. Withdrawals that are not immediately communicated to the organization and that may result in a search and rescue operation by security entities, will result in costs that will be charged to the negligent participant.

15.3. The organization will facilitate the transport of the participant to the point of arrival of the stage.

Art.16. Classifications, Penalties and Prizes

16.1. The classifications of each stage are carried out according to the total time spent to perform it, plus any penalties, using the organization’s own time recording system.

16.2. The sum of the time of each disputed stage, plus any accumulated time penalties, establish the final classifications of the participants.

16.3. The test considers classifications divided into the following categories:

-Men, Male category for participants under the age of 40 (at the date of the first stage);

-Masters, Male category for participants over 40 years old (Including and at the date of the first stage);

-Women, Unique female category, regardless of age.

16.4. Athletes who have the three best times in their category, from each stage and in the final classification, will be entitled to a trophy in the protocol podium ceremony.

16.5. The leader of each of the three categories must wear the leader jersey during the stages to which he starts as a leader.

16.6. Classifications will be posted daily and according to the time stipulated in the test guide.

16.7. Participants who do not qualify in one of the stages will no longer dispute the final general classification.

16.8. In the final ceremony, trophies will be awarded to the three best times in each category and in general cumulative.

16.9. All who finish the race, having completed all the stages, will receive a medal and a finisher certificate.

16.10. The protocol podium ceremonies are held at the locations and times defined in the race guide.

16.11. The organization has the power not to allow the continuation of the race or to disqualify a participant where the following situations occur:

Evident physical and / or mental disability, or health problem;
Disregard for applicable local rules / laws, namely traffic rules or disrespect for other users of the routes;
Use of mandatory material that shows signs of putting the participant / s at risk of security;
Excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or consumption of narcotic substances;
Failure to follow orders given by members of the organization, security forces or medical emergency teams;
Unsportsmanlike behaviors;
Disregard for basic safety rules in activities of this type, eg: do not wear a helmet;
Deposit garbage anywhere on the route, other than at designated locations;
Disregard for the rules of this regulation;

All of these situations will be analyzed by the organization, its decision being sovereign.

Disqualifications may be for the stage or for the entire race, depending on the seriousness of the situation and the organization’s verdict.

16.12. Penalty Table

Cause / Reason Penalty Recurrence Notes
Failures in the functioning of the gps, lack of batteries or no loading of the track 1 hour Step disqualification If the track of the step is not registered, the athlete is disqualified.
Non-use of helmet 2 hours General disqualification
Mobile phone unavailable 3 hours General disqualification
Concealment or loss of front plate 2 hours
Loss of identification bracelet 3 hours General disqualification
Failure to pass CP 2 hours
Route departure 1 hour 30 min Counted for each km of departure in multiples of 1 km
Disrespect closures in CP, stay on track after closing this 3 hours General disqualification
Disrespect other participants 1 hour General disqualification
Breaking traffic rules 2 hours General disqualification
Failure to obey orders from security forces, emergency teams or organization General disqualification Preventing further testing
Deposit garbage outside the designated areas 1 hour Stage disqualification
Do not assist another participant with problems. General disqualification. Only accidents, mechanical or logistical problems do not require assistance.
External assistance outside the designated areas Disqualification from the general disqualification stage

Art. 17. Alteration of courses or cancellation of the race

17.1. As a consequence of adverse climatic conditions, meeting the principle of safeguarding the safety of participants, the organization can apply substantial changes to the structure and dimension of the route.

17.2. These changes include changes in route, detours on the road or changes in transit times, which participants are required to comply with under penalty of disqualification.

17.3. In extreme cases, the organization may be forced to postpone the test to another date or even cancel it. An eventual postponement can be decided up to 48 hours before the scheduled date for the race, being immediately communicated on the official website of the event. The postponement or cancellation of the test does not oblige the organization to make any compensation to those enrolled, however, the organization seeks to mitigate the inconvenience caused by such a situation.

Art.18. Pre-test withdrawals

18.1 Pre-proof withdrawals must be requested to and will be treated according to the following conditions:

Withdrawals until the deadline for registration in the test: 50% refund
Withdrawals after the deadline for registration in the race: no right to return.

The organization safeguards the possibility of staying in credit to discount in future participation, part or all of the amount paid, being subject to the analysis of each case.

Art.19. Image Rights

19.1. Trilhos Vivos, reserves the right to use the images captured, as well as other data: classifications, times or interviews, during the TransAlgarve MTB Race for the purpose of promoting its products and events, unless expressly stated otherwise. Anyone wishing to revoke the use of their image must send this request in writing to the email

Art.20. Others

20.1 – The organization is not responsible for damages to bicycles or equipment, even if they occurred during the race, or in a possible transport, or in the washing points and bicycle parking facilities.

20.2 – The organization is not responsible for the loss of equipment or materials delivered to elements of the organization to be transported to the arrival.

20.3 – The organization is not responsible for materials left in the ZA’s that are not collected by the owners at the end of the stage / race. They may be dispatched, upon the athletes’ request to the indicated address, with the postage in charge of them.

20.4 – Omissions and situations not described in this regulation will be analyzed by the organization that will be sovereign in its decisions. Participants may be asked to provide clarification on situations arising from complaints.

20.5 – Doubts about the interpretation of this regulation should be clarified with the organization.

20.6 – The organization will not have any type of responsibility for accidents caused or suffered by the participants during the race, and their eventual consequences, these aspects being covered by the contracted insurance.

20.7 – The organization reserves the right to change the present regulation, without prior notice, if important omissions are detected for the correct functioning of the event. These changes will be communicated on the event website, posted at the secretariat, made known at the meeting with the participants or even, eventually, distributed to all participants.


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